Dayan pagoda and Xiaoyan pagoda

Dayan(big wild goose) pagoda and Xiaoyan pagoda

pagodaDayan and Xiaoyan Pagodas in Xi’an are still well preserved from Tang Dynasty. They are not only famous at home, but have high reputation in the world as well.

Dayan pagoda was first con-structed in 3rd year of regime period of Gaozong of Tang Dynasty. Mounting on Ci’en Hill, it is also called Ci’en pagoda. Ci’en temple was built by Prince Lizhi in memory of his mother Princess Wende in 22nd of Zhenguan Region of Tang Dynasty. Primirily only five floors were erected and reconstructed in regime of Wuzetan period. Then by recovery and reconstruction several times, the pagoda possesses seven floors with total 64 m high as square and taper in size.

pagoda2Along two sides of south gate on first floor of Dayan pagoda, two steles were bossed with handwritting by famous cal-ligrapher in Tang Dynasty Zhe Suiliang. Flowers carved at edges of the steles with vivid pattern is for decoration, which is all important to study calligraphs, draw-ings and carving in Tang Dynasty.

Xiaoyan pagoda was famous Buhhist temple in Tang Dynasty. With 15 steps brick building, it is precious architecture relics. Most interesting is that the pagoda had cracked three times and closed naturally which also attracts attentions and were recorded in one stele above lintel of the gate. After that it stood up earthquakes six times and even recovered the cracks naturally, which is deedly strange.

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