The Great Wall

It’s more than 2,000 years old, but the Great Wall of China remains one of the greatest wonders of the world, an engineering feat rarely matched in the 22 centuries since its construction began. Stretching 4,500 miles, from the mountains of Korea to the Gobi Desert, it was first built to protect an ancient Chinese empire from marauding tribes from the north. But it evolved into something far greater ¡ª a boon to trade and prosperity and ultimately a symbol of Chinese ingenuity and will.

greatwallThe Mutianyu Grate Wall The section of the Great Wall at Mutianyu is within the bound-aries of Huairou County, 70 km northeast of Beijing. It is one of the sixteen famous scenes in Beijing. Mutianyu joins Juyong Pass in the west and Gubei Entrance in the east. Together with Badaling, it is the quintes-sence of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty. On the section of the Great Wall at Mutian-yu the watchtowers are very closely spaced, varied in style and refined in construcion. The Zheng Guan Tower is a building on which three watchtowers crowd together. It is imposing, novel and unique, an asset of the Great Wall. Gazing into the distance on this section of the Great Wall, you are presented with a splendid sight. The wall changes with the mountain slope, leaping onto the peaks one moment, slipping into the low valleys the next, just like a huge dragon rising and ready to fly to the sky. The tourist district of Mutianyu is relatively well equipped in services. A cablecaris buiilt whereby tourists ride cable cars to climb the Great Wall.

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