Guangzhi Mountain

Guangzhi MountainGuangzhi Mountain lies in the east of Liancheng County, Fujian Province, which is 1.5 kilometres far from the county town and stands upright. The scenic areas cover 123 square kilometres in circumference. Its highest peak looks like a crown worn by an ancient judge(in Chinese, the crown is called Guangzhi).

It implies integrity and incorruption. Hense, the name of “Guangzhi Mountain”. In 1986, it was awarded as one of the ten most beautiful tourist spots in Fujian Province for its natural beauty. And in 1994, it was listed in the key scenic spots of national level by the state Council of China.

Guangzhi Mountain belongs to DanXia topography, so the color of the rocks is wine. Exotic flowers, rare herbs, rare bitrds and animals can be seen everywhere. ShiMen(stone door) Lake lies in it is like a jadeite. The water is crystal clear, and no matter how deep the water is, you can see the bottom — the pebbles, sand, and weeds. The mountain is so grand and the water is so clear and beautiful that people say “Guangzhi Mountain Scenic Spot is the only place which couples with yin and yang (hardness with sofeness)”.

The Guangzhi Mountain Scenic Spot was first developed in Song Dynasty. Some great names in history, such as Ji Xiaolan, Lin Zexu, Zhao Puchu and Luo Dang, left many ┬Činscriptions here, which present a splendid sight for the scenic spot.

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