Huangshan Mountain

huangshan mHuangshan (Yellow Mountain) is the name of the 72 peaks range lying in the south of Anhui province and have been designated as a national park and declared a World Natural and Cultural Heritage area by UNESCO.

Huangshan is famous for its spectacular rocky peaks, oddly shaped pines, crystal-clear mountain springs and sea of clouds with the highest peak – Lotus Flower Peak (Lianhua Feng) at 1864m, followed by Bright Summit Peak (Guangming Ding) and Celestial Peak (Tiandu Feng). The unpredictable natural scenery lures countless painters and poets seeking tranquility and inspiration.

North Sea Scenic Area (Beihai Jingqu)

With quite a few attractive sights gather around, North Sea Scenic Area is in the summit area of Mt. Huangshan – an ideal place to view the sunrise and sunset. Scenic spot such as Cloud Dispersing Pavilion (Pai Yun Ting), Beginning-to-Believe Peak (Shi Xin Feng) – the most elegant and refined one of the 72 peaks, Stalagmite Peak (Shi Sun Feng), and Refreshing Terrace (Qing Liang Tai). The Refreshing Terrace, for example, is the best place to view sunrise. The views around the Beginning-to-Believe Peak also feast your eyes.

Beginning-to-Believe Peak (Shi Xin Feng)

Beginning-to-Believe Peak, in the eastern summit area, attracts the greatest number of tourists. The beauty of Huangshan reaches unbelievable till you approach the peak hence the name. The deep chasm below is the home of the Huangshan monkey.

Fallen Rock from Sky (Feilai Shi)

In the western part of the summit area, there is a huge pear-shaped rock, 10 meters high, standing totteringly on top of the peak. The bottom of the rock is so separated from the ground that it looks as if it had fallen from the sky hence the name.

Jade Screen Pavilion Scenic Area

Jade Screen Pavilion

Jade Screen Pavilion, 1,680 meters above sea level, is known as the Jade Screen of the Heaven. A unique experience here is to watch white clouds drift below after rain, when picturesque mountain peaks, fantastic rock formations and green pines are enveloped in mist, with only their tops showing. In front of the pavilion there are the Guest-Greeting and Guest-Goodbye Pines.

Bright Summit Peak

At an elevation of 1,840, it is the second highest peak of Huangshan. Located in the central part of the mountain, it is the best place for seeing sunrise and the sea of clouds.

Lotus Peak

At an elevation of 1,864 meters, it is the highest peak of the mountain. Surrounded by a group of lower peaks, it looks like a lotus flower in full bloom. From the top of the peak, you can have a panoramic view of Huangshan.

Celestial Peak

This southeast peak of Huangshan faces Lotus Peak in the west and borders Boyu Peak in the east. It is 1,829 meters above sea level and is the most precipitous peak of the mountain.

Hot Springs Scenic Area

The Hot Springs in Huangshan of nationwide fame was discovered and tapped more than a thousand years ago. Gushing forth from the foot of Purple Cloud Peak, it has neither run dry during the severe droughts nor over-flooded during excessive rain period. It is of a high-temperature carbonate type, with therapeutic effects for metabolic disorder, cardiovascular disease and malfunctions of digestive, nervous and motorial systems. Its clear waters remain at 42 ¡ãC all the year round and can be used for drinking and bathing. Baths and swimming pools have been built around the springs.

Flying Rain Spring Waterfall

It was known as Flying Rain Spring (Feiyuquan) in ancient times. The present name derives from its shape like a Chinese character “Ren”. Also known as Brush Peak, it is an independent stone pillar in the shape of a writing brush in the Beihai Scenic Zone. The pine tree growing on it looks like a flower.

Cloud Valley Scenic Areas

The frequent-used telpher station and a hotel are located here with secluded setting within the pine and bamboo forest. The relics of Cloud Valley Monastery here attracts quite amount of pilgrims. This area is also used by most of the visitors as jump-off point to climb the mountain trails.

White Cloud Stream Scenic Area

It is a newly developed scenic area for overseas tourists. The major characteristics of this part are the steep cliffs, deep gullies, and gnarled pines on high peaks. Wherever you go, you will find yourself in a fairyland with marvelous scenery around you.

Cloud Dispelling Pavilion The Cloud Dispelling Pavilion attracts daily sunset crowds. Also you can contemplate the peaks thrusting up to the sky and fancy rocks.

Songgu Area

Here peaks are green and water is clear around the year. Beautiful scenic attractions include Old Dragon Pool (Laolong Tan), Green Dragon Pool (Qinglong Tai), Black Dragon Pool (Wulong Tai), White Dragon Pool (Bailong Tai) and Jadeite Pond.

Four Unique Scenes:

Huangshan is best known for its four unique scenes – unique pines, fantastic rocks, the sea of clouds, and hot springs.

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