Piling Jade in Long River Reservoir

Piling JadeIt is said that more than 300 years ago, an uncle and nephew with the family name of Long trekked a long way from Jiangxi Province to this place to clear land. To commemorate their hometown they named the place in which they were to live “Long Range” (They walked up and down a long range when they came here). Later they changed the name to “Long River,” for the two Chinese characters for “range” and “river” have the same pronunciation in Jiangxi dialect, meaning that they had lived in Jiangxi Province since their ancestors. It was how this name originated.

Piling Jade in the Long River Reservoir is one of the “ten scenic spots of Zhongshan City,” a hotspot at Long River Reservoir located 9 kilometers southeast of Shiqi, the center of Zhongshan City, and based on the reservoir north of Five Osmanthus Hill area—once a famous base for fighting the Japanese invaders. The reservoir was built in 1963 and it is made up of 6 big connected pools, 7 hill bridges and saddles, and a dam, with a water area of 36 square kilometers and a water capacity of 50 million cubic meters. The top of the dam measures 20 by 330 meters. Looking far into the reservoir, you can catch sight of the vast ranges of hills and mountains, endless pine forests verdant from their China firs, camphor trees, bead trees, and other trees unnamed. The forests of trees are clearly layered and they are reflected in the lake, greening the water like jade. Hence it is called “Piling Jade.”

Far into the lake, there are minor lakes in the deep valleys locked in bigger ones, which are surrounded by bigger lakes. The deepest part of the water sounds over 30 meters. Into the depths of the crystal clear water, fish are swimming, greeting the viewers up. Among the surrounding hills and mountains there are small, but hot spots, for tourism such as Husband-Expecting Stone, Soaring Duck Pool, Long Dragon Falls, and Outlandish Stones Exhibition. A tourist ship is not able to finish a full tour even in a day. Considering the environmental protection issue, however, this area remains closed to tourists.

This hotspot was an area for guerilla war for many revolutionary periods. The vast hills and mountains in front of the lake were used by the Zhongshan peasants for the battles against the imperialism and feudalism in their uprisings in 1927. During the Anti-Japanese War, Zhongshan Anti-Japanese Volunteers was born here. The famous Pearl River Delta Anti-Japanese Guerilla Army—the Headquarters of Pearl River Column was planted here. The guerillas fought and camped here, cracking down the united “Siege from Ten Sides” and “Siege from Six Sides.” Just before the liberation, the Zhongshan County Government was also established here. In the front of the reservoir, there is a water playground, a swimming pool introducing running water from rivers, a swimming pool like those of grand hotels, water slides, and facilities for water adventures. Long River Playground here is also welcoming you with its well-stocked facilities to make an active doer of you. You can enjoy the pleasure of open-air barbecues, or go to a well-stocked special restaurant to eat your fill and see how delicious the original crusty grass carp is. The comfortable Yijing Holiday Inn and the simple Garden Villa are situated in the north of the dam to provide relaxing services to their customers.

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