Shanghai Grand Theater

Shanghai Grand Theater1Shanghai Grand Theater is at the northern part of the People’s Square,at the intersection of the square’s Central Boulevard and Huangpi Road.The theater covers a floor space of 11,528 square meters. The east-west length of the theater is about 120 meters and the south-north length is about 1,378 meters. The modern and grandeur theater has 10 floors. Total construction space is 62,803 square meters.

Shanghai Grand Theater2The theater has a 2,000-seat audience hall and a 760-square-meter hall for VIPs. (The backstage is 420 square meters and the two side-stages each has around 280 square meters of space). The theater will play host to performances of top-notch ballet troupes, opera troupes and symphony orchestras. Near the arch-like ceiling of the theater is a 500-plus-seat multi-functional ballroom where banquets, fashion shows and exhibitions can be held.

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