Shanxi1Shanxi is not only one place of Chinese origin, but also a source of those age-old culture. The purpose of the Shaanxi Window is providing a window which can promote your under-standing to Shaanxi. Welcome to the Shaanxi Window! Here, the people who have the same clan can visit wellknown scenic spots, discuses things of an-cient times and present age, look at changes of the ways of the world, realize the fond dream of a descendant of the Yellow Emperor; A tourer can also understand the abundance and depth of the ancients’thought and greatness of con-temporaries.Shanxi2

Shanxi3Xi’an known as Chang’an in ancient times, is famed all over the world for it’s glorious history. Specialists and scholars regard it as an inexhaustible treasurehouse of literature while heads of state from many countries and people from all walks of life turn their eyes to this tourist attraction, trying to broaden their knowledge of chinese civilization.

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