Something of Huashan

Huashan1Huashan is situated in Huayin county, Shaanxi province, with the Wei River to its north, and Qinling Mountains to the south. Its main peak is over 2200 metres above sea level. Standing in a circle and confronting each other, Huashan East, South, West, North and Central Peaks resemble a colossal lotus flower in full blossom.

Incidentally, in ancient Chinese phraseology, Huashan was also taken to mean Flower Mountain. Ever since ancient times, Huashan is noted for being extremely magnificent and precipitous. There is only one perilous passage to the summit.

Huashan2Yuntai Peak (North Peak):

In laojunli gorge area, the path to the top consists of some 570 steps with the steep cliffs on the one side and the fathomless ravine on the other. The steel chain along the path gives the mountain climbers an indispensable aid. With all its three sides being perilous cliffs, the North Peak has its only way out via the south ridge.


It is at a distance of 10 km from the mouth of Huashan’s valley. There the path twists and turns, ups and downs between the grotesque cliffs, and the mountain streams course their way about merrily, but now and then, all of a sudden, lose its height to form a dashing water-fall with roaring sound.

Lianhua Peak (West Peak):

A spectacular peak rises vertically into the sky. Viewed from its top, the terrains of Shanxi and Gansu spread boundlessly, and Wei and Luo Rivers thread their ways across them like two silver ribbons. In front of the Peak, reposes a green dragon-shaped ridge called “Cengling”. The Peak’s west side is a precipitous cliff, while the east side is a steep rocky slope with a secluded dense forest close by. On the top of the peak, stands a temple, with a huge rock shaped like a lotus flower in front.

Chaoyang Peak (East Peak):

A fantastic sight too. On its top, there is the “Sun Platform” for viewing the sun rise. About 700 metres away in the west direction, Luoyan Peak (Fallen Wild Goose Peak) with perilous cliffs and tall pine trees, towers. Looking southward, the Qinling Mountains with its high and low ridges and peaks ripple like a vast sea. Looking downward, there is  a vast expanse of plain, and the rivers, now hidden and now visible are winding their way across the land.

Huashan3Luoyan Peak (South Peak):

It is 2100 metres above sea level, the highest peak of Huashan. On its top, is a water pond called some exquisite inscriptions. Only travellers reaching here can claim they’ve arrived at the real peak of perfection. Around, a fantastic view presents itself before the eye: drifting sea of clouds hanging over crowded peaks and ridges in the west; 800 Li flat land of Central Shanxi Plain in the north, and to the east the Yellow River in Tongguan area like a floating ribbon coming from a far.

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