Wu Gorge

WUGORGE1While the magnifcence of Qutang Gorge is left behind, the splendour ot Wu Gorge comes in sight.” ¬†¬†Coming out of Qutang Gorge and saling through an open area where the hills are low and the river is gentle,you enter Wu Gorge,which is charactersed by beautiful peaks and steep cliffs on either side Wu Gorges named after Mt Wushan, It extends eastward from the mouth of the Daning Rver in the east of Wushan town.Sichuan province with a length of forty-five kilometers.The gorge is flanked with towerng peaks and steep cliffs.Downstream you have to go through countless twists and turns.

WUGORGE2The river now seems to be blocked by the huge moun-tains.now breaks through and changes its direction. The changing course of the roanng river makes it difcult for you to take your bearings.

The deep gorge is so kaleidoscopc that you may test your eyes on the beautiful scenes every where alalong.The twelve peaks of Mt. Wu-shan make up a most spec-tacular scene The peaks are varied in shape and posture.Some look like green screens.some are shrouded in the cloud and others covered with an-cient pine trees.Among them Shennu(Fairy)peaks most enchanting.The landscapes of the Daning River,Xiangxi River and Shennong Rver provide a unique favour of primitveness with the green mountains and the blue water.

In addition,located in the region of Wu Gorge are such famous walled cities as Wushan,Badong and Zigui.where there are a number of noted historcal sites and where the folkways are so unique and colorful that one can enjoy himself heartly.

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