Wuyi Mountain

The Wuyi mountain scenic spot situated in the middle of the Wuyi mountain range, within the boundary of Wuyishan City, has an area of 60 sqkm. The Nine Twist Stream, a meadering brook running nine kilometers through the mountain, is a beautiful, natural landscape painting.

Well-known for its scholars and poets like Zhuxi, Luyou and Xinqiji who visited and lectured here. As a result, a valuable cultural heritage has been preserved. A 3, 000- year coffin in the shape of a boat, known as a hanging coffin. And many stone and porcelain relics are kept on display. Wuyi Scenic Spot has been designated as a key national scenic spot.

Nine-Twist Stream

wuyi1Originating in the Wuyi Natural Reserve and flowing through mountain valleys. The Nine-Twist Stream runs nine kilometers and has 9 twists in its course. The clean water moving past rocks and cliffs combines with the exotic peaks crowned by green groves presenting a real-life traditional Chinese painting.
It takes about 2 hours to drift down the stream by means of a very old type of bamboo raft. So this experience is unique and memorable. No visitor should miss the chance.

Dawanfeng(Great King Peak)

wuyi2Because this peak is shaped like an ancient Chinese majestic official’s hat, people call it Great King Peak. It sits commandingly at the mouth of the Nine-Twist Stream, southeast of the Wuyi Palace. Standing on the 530-meter peak, it greets tourists as they set out their trip. At top of the peak old trees grow thick, while on the eastern side you can see Immortal-Transformation Cave(shenzhen-dog) . According to Zhuxi, the great Confucianist, King Wuyi lived in this cave. A deep split extending from the top of the peak into its bottom is said to be the place where a special envoy in the Song Dynasty worshiped King Wuyi.

Jade Maiden Peak

wuyi3Located south of the second twist and facing a big deep pool, this peak looks like a girl standing gracefully. The rock in Jade Maiden Peak appears skin-smooth while the dewy-green grass and tree sat the top suggest a girl’s hair. As we look at the peak’s reflection in the water, we can imagine a graceful, deep-in-thought, traditional girl, wishing for a bright future. This peak symbolizes the beauty of Wuyi scenery.

Heavenly Tour Peak(Tianyoufeng)

wuyi4The Tianyouguan Hotel

This peak stands near the middle part of the stream. Made up of three huge rocks, it can be seen from the third, fifth, and sixth twists. You can reach the summit along the path from Tea Plantation Cave(Chadong), if you can go up the 800 steps past the Clothes- Drying Rock(Saibuyan), you will finally reach the top, arriving at Bird’s Eye Lookout(Yilantai). Standing here, you enjoy an panoramic view of the whole peace. The Tianyouguan Hotel, a graceful traditional- style building, has rooms for those guests who want to see the stars of the Milky way and the sun rise. This peak provides the grandest view of Wuyi mountain area.

Taoyuan Cave(Taoyuandong)

wuyi5The Beautiful Scene of Taoyuan Cave

This cave is located north of the sixth twist of the stream. A cool, dark place, it lies at the center of surrouding mountains, an attractive setting. When you enter the cave, you will be plunged into the darkness, but walking another ten metres, you’ll see a shaft of light. Then you will be looking across a peach orchard with a stone gate, a paradise away from turmoil of world. In the old days scholars came here to escape the cares of society. Now the old Kaiyuan hall has been remodeled as a hotel and small shop.

Dazhufeng Snake Garden

In Huanken Village of Jianyang county you cansee an unusual snake garden. The specially-designed garden with an area of 6,000 sqm metres , contains some 10000 snakes of various kind–the country’s largest. The Wuyi snake medicine has become well-known at home and abroad. Facilities of the garden include viewing spots, a guest house, restaurant, and service department. In the souvenir shop you can buy snake wine, snake bile wine and powder, snake- skin articles, dried snake and snake oil.

Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve

wuyi6This nature reserve is located at the common boundary point of Wuyishan City, Jianyang and Guanze Counties. It extends 52 km. from north to south, and 22km from east to west, enclosing an area of 570 square km and the mountains here are steep and heavily forested. Abundant rainfall and warm, humid weather give it a typical moderate sub-tropical climate, this is one of the five key nature reserves in China.
Forests cover 92% of the area. Bamboo groves number more than 80 and include one-third of the Chinese bamboo species. Among the 3, 000 to 4,000 plants growing here, 149 families and 1,899 species have been identified. This plant diversity led to the nickname “natural plant farm”.

More than 400 kinds of larger wild animals, including more than 100 species of mammals, live in the reserve. Birds also thrive here, some 300 species being found in this wildlife

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