Xingzhong Road

Xingzhong RoadXingzhong Road is one of the Ten Scenic Spots in Zhongshan, nicknamed “Decorated Brocades of Xingzhong.”

Xingzhong Road is one of the key roads built after the open-door policy, and typical of good quality. It constitutes the features of a garden city, with beautiful grassy areas, and a variety of different buildings, such as the center of politics, culture, publicity, science, and sports for Zhongshan City.

The road is 3.5 kilometers in full length, 50 meters in width, and the road surface is even and smooth. It starts north from the building of the city’s People’s Congress and Political Consultation Conference, and ends south to Sunwen Memorial Park and Philanthropic Hospital. The big grand archway-like building of the People’s Congress stands opposite to the statue of Sun Yat-sen in Sunwen Memorial Park in the south, and the north, signifying that the ambition and undertaking Sun fought for has come into being.

Walking along the road, you see the towering coconut trees standing in the middle of the road, their fluttering long leaves waving to the passers-by. The bright cannas are in angry red blossom bloom, while the whirling mangoes queue the road. Inside the green belt in the center of the road, there are various seasonal flowers contending for beauty. Roses, crape myrtle, kamunings, yellow cicadas, marigolds, impatiens, petunias, short pinks, fish pelargonia, and lantanas add more color to the road. The dainty plastic flowerpots are hung among the trees, making the clusters more splashy and splendid.

The buildings along the road include the TV hexagon building, the radio building, the Museum of Science, Zhongshan Library with its name inscribed by the former Chairman of China Yang Shangkun, and last, the activity center for young people. Set off by the big lawns, borders, and the shady Xingzhong Park of the Municipality, these buildings are left in harmony and peacefulness for the people.

Further to the south, past the fountain of the city statue, we can see the grand Public Security Building, the sports ground, and gymnasium full of vigor (Big evenings and concerts supported by big stars are held here.). Xingzhong Road reaches far to the gate of Sunwen Memorial Park, where the jade corridor ends.

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