Zhongshan Hot Spring

Hot SpringZhongshan Hot Spring is located in Yongmo Village, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City. It adjoins Hong Kong and Macao and is 26 kilometers away from Zhuhai, 24 kilometers from Shiqi downtown, and 10 kilometers from the Former Residence of Sun Yat-Sen.

The hotel covers an area of 2,200,000 sq.m. Its shadowy greenery and South-China-style architectural layout let you enjoy a spectacular imperial garden. Besides, the harmonious arrangement of artificial curved architecture and the natural view of Luo San Mei Mountain present a dreamland of “numerous gardens and endless scenes”. Mr. Deng Xiaoping once paid his visit to Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel.

Funded by such celebrities as Mr. Huo Yindong & Mr. He Honghuo, Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel was established in 1979 and was the first Sino-foreign joint venture funded tourism hotel since the practice of China’s reform & opening-up policy. There are 10 main buildings,15 villas, and one VIP building. The dining hall can seat 1000 people and provide tasteful foodstuff like the renowned Shiqi Tender Pigeon. And there are more than 30 kinds of Hot Spring Shower Room, Tennis Court, Shooting Range, Karaoke Ballroom, Hot Spring Health Care Center, Mahjong Room, Snooker Center, Electronic Entertainment Center, Swimming Pool, Butterfly Museum, Grotesque Stone Gallery and Tea Bar etc.

During the past two decades, the hotel has received high-ranking governmental officials like Mr. Deng Xiaoping, Mr. Jiang Zemin & Mr. Li Peng, and foreign leaders as Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia and millions of tourists from home and abroad. In this new millennium, members of Zhongshan Hot Spring will continue their dedicated services for every visitor.

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