Da Li

Da Li is situated between Dian Cang Mountain and Er Hai Lake. The western Dian Cang Mountain meanders its way southward, with a total length of 45 kilometers. the eastern Er Hai Lake is a freshwater lake in the south-west plateau of our country, with an altitude of l,972 meters. Between Dian Cang Mountain and Er Hai Lake are 18 brooks linking up southwards and westwards, a crisscrossing river network and fertile ground and exist rich produce and lovely scenes. As early as 3000 years ago, Bai nationality resided here. daliAnd dur ing the periods of Tang and Song Dynasties, Da Li was once the political, economic and cultural center of Yun Nan. So many ocenic spots and historical sites left over from history, such as the ruins of ancient battlefield with shining spears and armored horses, the Han (Dynasty) Southern Silk Road being renowned both at home and abroad Bo Nan OId Way, Buddhist Saint Ji Zu Mountain, Shi Bao Mountain titled as “SouthWest Dunhuang Grottes”, thus becoming a tourist attraction. Xiao Pu Tuo is the most richly spiritual scenic resort in Er Hai Lake with a cir cumference of 200 li, extremely like one graceful lmmortal lsland tloating over the gem blue sea surface. This island is formed by a gigantic reef soaring high out of Er Hai Lake, on which grow green pines and emerald bamboo and marble rails set Guanyin (a Boddhisattva) Pavilion off against flying gold and dazzling silver lights. Walking 20 li southwards from Xiao Pu Tuo, Luo Quan Temple on the top of Yu An Mountain, sets off among the blue sky and white clouds, and the green pines and incense cedars. Since built as early as in Tang Dynasty, it has been renovated several times. lts main buildings include Guangyin Palace and Sea View Pagoda. San Pagoda in Chong Sheng Temple is situated north-west of Da Li City and below Ying Le peak of Dian Cang Mountain. Facing Er Hai Lake, you can, several li away, overlook its profile towering into the clouds. San Pagoda was built up during the Nan Zhao Feng You Period (823-859AD) in Tang Dynasty. Tradition has it that in Tang Dynasty, two architectural craftsmen, Gong Tao and Wei Yi, were dispatched to Da Li to design this Pagoda according to the local topographical conditions and instructed in person the local people to build it up. It is a 16-storeyed square Pagoda with dense cavcs, 69. 1 3 meters in height. On ihe iop are metal Pagoda temple, sacred canopy, sacred crown and golden pheasant; on the four cor- ners are copper-cast greenfinches (accord- ing to legend,they were made by Bai dwell- ers to vanquish Er Hai demons and mon- sters.)

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