Huangpu River

The scenic Huangpu River

Cruise on the Huangpu River
Huangpu RiverRiding a cruise boat along the Huangpu River. you will take a glimpse of the today and yesterday of Shanghai. On one side of the river. there is the Bund, a landmark of Shanghai. Lining the boulevard of the waterfront are grandiose solid buildings of Western style dating back to the early this century. You will also see the Park bridge. the first toll bridge in Shanghai; the People’s Heroes Monument and Huangpu Park, the city’s first park. On the other side is the image of a new Shanghai. Lofty Oriental pearl TV Tower and sleek high-rises in the Lujiazui Financial Zone give a fresh outlook of the city. On the cruise, you will also marvel at the two giant suspended bridges over the river. Cargo slips that sail to and fro on the river will make you realize how busy the trading business is ongoing in this most bustling trade outlet of China. Sailing further northward, you might be impressed by the scale of industrial plants, such as the steel giant Baosteel.The cruise will end at Wusongkou, where the Huangpu River flows into the East China Sea.

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