Mount Tai

Mount Tai1Towering in the middle of Shandong Province, and stretching into the sea, the magnificent range of Mount Tai rises and falls for over 200 kilo-meters just like a giant sleeping dragon. with the Yellow River flowing at the foot of its northern slopes, it has been regarded as the first of the five sacred mountains in ancient China for its ma-jesty and beauty. Its summit,Jade Emperor Peak, is 1,545 meters above sea level and is known as the Celestial Pillar. Overlooking the other smaller peaks, it offers a breathtaking pano-ramic view. In ancient times, Mount Tai was deified by the feudal rulers of various dynasties and given the title, “Divine Emperor of the East Peak”. Mount Tai2From the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty down to Em-peror Qianlong of The Qing Dynasty, many of them personally visited Mount Tai to attend grand sacrificial ceremonies. Various other titles were lavishly offered to the “Divine Emperor of the East Peak” by them as a means to have their own names long remembered. These “royal visits” contributed to the construction of many temples, pavilions, and other buildings. Not only emperors but poets, scholars and men of letters were fond of coming to this sacred mountain, and left behind countless inscriptions engraved on rocks and stones. It many be said that the whole of Mount Tai is a vast open-air mu-seum of history, having on display much of an oriental civilization, which is representative of the creative wisdom of the ancient Chinese people.

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