Nine-Village Gully

Nine-Village1Jiuzhaigou (Nine-Village Gully) is a scenic spot tucked away in the depth of mountains at Nanping, a county in the norihcrn part of Sichuan Provincelt is 470 kilo-metres away from Cheng-du, the provincial capital, with an elevation of about 2.500 metres.The secenic spot actually consists of three major gullies, spread over a total area of 60.000 hectares. which formerly was the site of nine stockaded villages of Tibetans. Hence the name in Jiuzhaigou.

Nine-Village2Jiuzhaigou is well-known for its network of alpine lakes, spectacular waterfalls and wonderful vegetation.There are. for instance, 108 terraced lakes in the midst of great mountains where the valleys echo with the roar of cataructs and cliffside springs. The place, therefore. has always enjoyed the reputation of being a “Wonder-land on Earth”. Besides, in the vast primeval rorests there are all kinds of rare birds and animals. Nine-Village3The place is a habitat for the giant panda. A rare animal not to be found else where in the world.

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