Situated in the southeast of Jiang-su Province, Wuxi borders the Taihu Lake on the south and the Yangtze River on the north. Beijing-Shanghai railway goes across the city from the west to the east and the age-old Grand Canal winds though if from the north to the south. Wuxi is always termed as the “Land of rice and fish” for its prosperous economy, culture of long standing ,fertile land and rich products.

Wuxi1Lake Taihu is one of China’s five biggest fresh water lakes, and Wuxi,one of the cities around the lake, is referred to as a “Radiant-Pearl”on the lake.Wuxi boasts a dragon boat,2 imperial boats, a speed boat and many other pleasure boats which make Lake Taihu tour a most enjoyable one.

Wuxi2Wuxi is blessed with convenient transport and communications for travel. The Beijing-shanghai Raiway ,The ancient Grand Canal and a network of highways make the city easily accessible. Also available is the Wuxi airport, 20 kilometers away from the city center, which links the city with Beijing, Fuzhou, Fushan and Huiyang and other cities of tourist attraction throughout the country.

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